art deco

My “fall collection” of nail art designs has been heavily influenced by specific geometric ‘art deco’ images.

Manic Monday geometric nail art© JulianneMonday 2012

These gold spikes on baby blue are a kind of deconstruction of basic elements of this image:

I adapted previous designs of mine to adhere to the color/form/overall-aesthetic of this and other similar “art deco” images. Like my “gold pyramids:”

Manic Monday gold pyramids© JulianneMonday 2012

Additionally, my fall version of “spikes.” I call it “red eye” (although it slightly resembles snake eyes… good for Halloween, anyway).

Manic Monday snake eye © JulianneMonday 2012

There are still so many variations I could do from these images. I’m working on making a quite long series of adaptations.


Manic Monday

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